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Hi Everyone,I'm Harry,I'm new here, First time using LJ actually (My Friend introduced me to it) I don't really do social media (Just this and Whatsapp) I'm 42, I'm a stock broker and financial consultant (Straight out of WallSt) well I'm a freelance forex broker now(Trying to run my own show), When I'm not working i love to swim, travel, hike, sky dive, listen to country music and drive, I'm a Digital nomad and i do all my work remotely(so i have time for my adventures) i also get to travel a lot and i love to meet new people (Online and offline), I'm single and open to anyone that's inspiring, i love the magical ones😍😍 and the loving ones too, I've had my heart tossed around and played with a couple of times in the past, so I'm a bit restrained and reserved(please bear with me) I'm open-minded and jovial but I'm still a bit of an introvert(curled up in my shell sometimes) I'm looking forward to meeting great people here in search of friendships and relationships (whichever I'm blessed with) so just message me or drop a comment if you feel the need to (let's get talking😉☺)
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Need to talk

I'm new to this community and need to talk. I'm majorly stressed out. It's almost 2AM here but I can't sleep. I've been feeling very insecure lately. Doesn't help that I keep popping in and out of LJ because I'm a bit of an attention-seeker and I give up when no-one notices me. I don't mean this to manipulate. Just need to know i'm not alone in this world.
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Long Time

I've been on and off livejournal for some time. There's a lot going on and I miss my old friends. We use to be close but certain situations came up and it turns out, they weren't really friends.

Just looking for some people to provide some insight and just provide out-of-the-box thinking.
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So, who wants to be my friend? I'm 24, Liberal, Cat Mom, and an Artist. I'm only looking for friends, not boyfriends, I'm already in a relationship. PLEASE don't bother asking me on a date or something else to that nature!


Hi all,

First off I’m not new to Livejournal but this is an all new account.

My names Drew, I’m Gay, I live in the UK, a bit of a geek, a teacher by profession and a wannabe writer at heart. Also very upfront as you can see!

I have lots of interests, way to many to list here so go check out my profile where I have listed most.

I am going to try to blog as regularly as possible about everything from my day to day life to new books I'm reading and maybe even some writing exerts if I'm feeling confident. I Havant posted anything yet but will do within the next few days.

I'm looking for like minded friends on here to chat with, comment on posts etc. I try to be as sociable as I can and am looking for similar. If you think we will get one feel free to add me and I'll be sure to add you back.

Drew :)
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I am 37 which makes me ancient in lj terms!

My blog will be a little bit of everything but a lot of that will be stream of consciousness writing, politics, feminism, disability, queer issues, poetry/poetics, paganism, trauma recovery, crafting, and random life stuff.

I like gardening, writing, reading, music, cooking, dogs, making things

I'm only looking for women and non-binary/genderqueer people thanks

Add me if you think we'd click


Names sarah. 27 from upstate ny. I have 7 kids 2 r step and 5 others. of those 5 there is a set of b/g twins. So if anyone wants to be friends comment I will add back and comment.

Looking for a friend.

Hey everyone.

A bit new to LJ, it's a great place to vent. Just looking for someone to read over journals with (my is friends eyes only right now) and offer eachother advice or even blatant truth when it's required.

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