matt d (uworld003) wrote in afriend4u,
matt d

Back again

I have reactivated my journal so I am looking for some people that may enjoy reading it and in return would let me into their world.

A bit about me. Recently divorcing. Working through it with some great friends and an awesome therapist.

So the divorce thing is the only thing that is really sucking in my life right now. I have an awesome 15 year old, a great job that allows me to travel a lot, lots of great friends and some fun hobbies that I write about. All in all this will be a positive journal.

Some of my interest: Indie music, electronic music, Manchester United, Doctor Who, record collecting, Serato, Cooking, being a great dad, kayaking, hiking, outdoor activities of all types. I was a DJ for almost 20 years and in light of my recent status change will probably be getting back into that too.

Hope to meet some fun people here!
Matt D.

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