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A newbie is I! :)

Hello! I am new to this group & hope to be a successful "poster".
Ever since the Myspace & Facebook type sites came around LJ seems to have grown quite in the communities & or friendsI had contact with. I myself have taken to journalling in a book more than the net so even my LJ has been very quite. I hope to change that though as I miss being on here conversing with people.
I have trouble putting myself out there in public on meeting people as I am not very social in person however I seem to do very well on the web though. I am a great listener & would just like to have anyone to talk to.

I am a struggling artist trying to get myself out there in hopes of surviving this crazy world & maybe even helping it in some way as I secretly wish I was a superhero :D
My personal journal seems to have more venting posts as it feels better to get the negative things out of your mind the most than happy although I am trying to change that so as not to look like a complete downer of a person(I swear I'm nicer in person though XD). Recently having hit one of those bumps in my life I have been looking for ways to improve the way I think & see the world & hope to change my life by doing so. But just can't help it if I need to put a thought down & out of my mind then it's got to go somewhere right?

Anyway just hoping to find a new place to talk meet new people get advice, support & or a random HI from someone would be fine :)
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